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Manual External Pipe Fit-up Outer Clamp (Tack Type)

SPM EQUIPMENT is a reputable manufacturer and supplier of Pipe Fit-up Outer Clamp, specifically the Manual External Line-up Clamp (Tack Type). Our clamps are designed with precision boring for perfect roundness and pipe sizing. We use high-quality steel in manufacturing our rugged Cage type Clamps to ensure their durability. We offer additional sizes upon request, and our products are available in Russia, USA, UAE, Australia, Malaysia. All our pipe fit-up outer clamps are precisely fitted to the correct specifications to guarantee proper alignment and quick clamping. We have also included a convenient hand lever for a quick pipe line-up.

Pipe Fit-up Outer Clamp – Feature & Advantages :

  • This equipment is straightforward to operate.
  • The operation is done manually.
  • This clamp remains securely in place during the welding process and will not loosen.
  • Pipe fit-up outer clamps are offered in various sizes, ranging from 4 inches to 64 inches.
  • Precision manufacturing ensures accurate alignment and a long-lasting field life..
  • Upon request, the clamps can be equipped with stainless steel contact points for DSS pipes.