Manual Internal Line-up Clamp

SPM EQUIPMENT is a premier manufacturer of the Manual Internal Line-up Clamp, which is used for lining up and centering oil and gas pipelines in specific yards. Our Manual Internal Line-up Clamp is crafted using high-quality raw materials, resulting in exceptional features such as precise dimensions, rust resistance, robust construction, and superior durability.

We offer our Manual Internal Line-up Clamp in a standard size range of 10” to 48”, and we can provide customization according to client specifications. This clamp operates using a screw jack mechanism.

The range of 10” to 48” diameter is where our pipe joint internal clamp is commonly utilized in offshore and onshore pipeline projects.

Manual Internal Line-up Clamp – Feature & Advantages :

  • This clamp is available in pipe sizes ranging from 10” to 48” and is designed to be used with CS/DSS pipes.
  • Simple to use.
  • Sturdy construction.
  • Robust build quality
  • The toggle action mechanism exerts a high level of force on pipe alignment, ensuring optimal results.
  • Our Manual Internal Line-up Clamp is operated manually so no fuel and electricity required.
  • Our Manual Internal Line-up Clamp operates manually, which eliminates the need for fuel or electricity
  • The pipe undergoes greater power with less operator effort due to the heavy-duty gearbox.
  • Upon request, copper backup is available for automatic welding.
  • Upon request, we offer copper backup for automatic welding.