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Category Main Line Pipe Joint Clamps

We are industry pioneers offering Main Line Pipe Join Clamps, including cage type and internal clamps with a purge chamber for use in oil and gas pipeline welding processes. Our well-equipped infrastructure unit includes all the required machines and tools. In addition to standard sizes, we manufacture customized clamps based on our clients’ needs and requirements.


Internal Pneumatic Clamp With Copper Back Up Shoe

The Internal Pneumatic Clamp with Copper Back Up Shoe from SPM EQUIPMENT enables the swift and precise alignment of two pipe joints during welding. The front and rear heads can operate independently to secure the clamp in place. With specialized…


Automatic Pipe Welding Bend

SPM EQUIPMENT specializes in automatic pipe welding bends for the oil and gas industry. We understand the importance of durability in the materials used for pipeline, storage tank, and transport vessel fabrication. Even the smallest failure in a critical weld…


Manual External Pipe Fit-up Outer Clamp (Tack Type)

SPM EQUIPMENT is a reputable manufacturer and supplier of Pipe Fit-up Outer Clamp, specifically the Manual External Line-up Clamp (Tack Type). Our clamps are designed with precision boring for perfect roundness and pipe sizing. We use high-quality steel in manufacturing…


Cage Type Hydraulic External Line Up Clamp

SPM EQUIPMENT is a prominent supplier and manufacturer of hydraulic cage-type pipe clamps. Our hydraulic external line-up clamps are fabricated in an optimal manufacturing environment. The bridges and rings of our clamps are constructed using high-quality steel and are specifically…


Manual External Line-up Clamp

SPM EQUIPMENT provides top-notch Manual External Line-up Clamps (outer diameter clamps) that are custom-built to meet the needs of our clients. We make these clamps using high-quality raw materials obtained from trusted sources.offers high-quality Manual External Line-up Clamp (Outer diameter…


Internal Hydraulic Line-up Clamp

SPM EQUIPMENT designs and manufactures custom-built Alignment clamps that provide accurate internal alignment solutions. These durable clamps are precision-manufactured and field-proven for toughness. We are a leading manufacturer and exporter of Internal Hydraulic Line-up Clamp, serving customers in Russia, USA,…


Manual Internal Line-up Clamp

SPM EQUIPMENT is a premier manufacturer of the Manual Internal Line-up Clamp, which is used for lining up and centering oil and gas pipelines in specific yards. Our Manual Internal Line-up Clamp is crafted using high-quality raw materials, resulting in…


Pipe Joint Internal Clamp (Small Size)

SPM EQUIPMENT provides custom-built pipe joint internal clamps designed to ensure accurate internal alignment, with a range of solutions available. These internal clamps are manufactured with precision and proven to be tough and durable in the field. The Pipe Joint…


Pneumatic Pipe Line Up Clamp

Drawing on years of expertise, SPM EQUIPMENT provides a comprehensive range of Pneumatic Pipe Welding Clamps that are available in Russia, USA, UAE, Australia, and Malaysia. These clamps are highly reliable and ensure rapid and precise alignment of two pipe…