Pipe Lowering Cradle Sling Pu Coated

SPM EQUIPMENT’s Polyurethane Coated Pipe Roller Strings are utilized as an efficient means of supporting and rolling pipes at the beginning of pipeline crossings.

SPM EQUIPMENT’s PU Coated Pipe Roller Strings are designed to facilitate the movement of pipes in pipeline installation projects in an effective manner.

SPM EQUIPMENT’S Pipe Roller String is designed to be lightweight and easy to use.

Feature & Advantanges :

  • Our product is available to accommodate pipe sizes ranging from 4” to 56”.
  • Attaching it to a continuous pipeline is easy.
  • Multiple rollers are positioned at equal intervals to support the pipe uniformly, preventing any damage to the pipe.
  • The use of heavy-duty rollers prevents any damage to the exterior or coating of the pipe.
  • We offer slings of various sizes to meet your needs.
  • Replacement wheels are easily available.
  • The design of the Roller String allows for easy disassembly for storage or transportation, and prevents any hang-ups on welded seams.