Internal Pneumatic Line-up Clamp Self

The SPM Internal Pneumatic Line-up Clamp Self is built to withstand pipeline spread operations and is highly durable. The clamps are adjustable to accommodate any wall thickness or size within the specified range, and the pneumatic jaws can be operated independently to align pipes with different wall thicknesses. Correct usage of the clamp will not result in damage to or deformation of the pipe.

The Internal Pneumatic Line-up Clamp Self is designed to move through the pipe to the next joint using its own power. We manufacture, supply, and export the Internal Pneumatic Line-up Clamp Self in several countries, including Russia, USA, UAE, Australia, and Malaysia. The clamp requires compressed air at a range of 100-145 psi (7-10 bars) and has a maximum safe working pressure of 175 psi (12 bars).

Internal Pneumatic Line-up Clamp – Feature & Advantages :

  • The Internal Pneumatic Line-up Clamp Self is designed to cover a range of diameters and can be adjusted for wall thicknesses within a specific range.
  • SPM adjusts the Internal Pneumatic Line-up Clamp Self to the appropriate setting based on the thickness of the pipe wall.
  • The Pneumatic Pipe Welding Clamp operates using compressed air pressure from a compressor.
  • The clamps are equipped with alloy steel wheels for smooth travel.
  • An ideal option for the manufacturing of oil and gas pipelines is the SPM Pneumatic Pipe Welding Clamp.
  • Pneumatic jaws that operate independently enable the alignment of pipes with varying wall thicknesses.
  • The proper alignment of pipes at the next joints is guaranteed by a backup air tank.
  • Upon request, conversion kits for different pipe sizes are available.
  • The Pneumatic Internal Line-up Clamp is designed to work inside the pipe and uses roller-type actuating jaws to hold the pipe ends, ensuring proper alignment of two pipe joints for external welding.
  • We offer sizes ranging from 16″ to 72″, and can accommodate larger sizes upon request.
  • With the use of a conversion kit, the Pneumatic Pipe Welding Clamp can cover two sizes ranging from 16” to 72”.