Sand Blasting Hopper

SPM EQUIPMENT offers a wide selection of high-quality sand blasting hoppers. Our sand blasting hoppers are equipped with an automatic mushroom-type valve for easy and fast abrasive refilling. The tank of the sand blasting hopper is made of top-grade steel plate that has been certified for hydraulic testing. We design our sand blasting hoppers with precision, and we also offer custom designs based on our clients’ specifications. Our engineering team ensures that our sand blasting hoppers function seamlessly in various industrial applications without any interruptions in the process.

Features :

  • The sand blasting hopper is equipped with a pinch valve to regulate the flow.
  • An automatic filling valve can be provided upon request.
  • The nozzle is equipped with tungsten carbide tips for enhanced durability.
  • The nozzle is available in various sizes.
  • The sand blasting hopper’s tank is provided with a hydraulic testing certificate.
  • Sufficient storage capacity in the tank.