SS Band for Bevel Cutting Machine

SPM EQUIPMENT is a renowned manufacturer of stainless steel bands for bevel cutting machines, which are an essential component for pipe cutting. The crawler track, available in both manual and motorized variants, runs around the stainless steel band to cut the pipe. Each size of pipe requires a separate stainless steel band. We offer standard sizes as well as customized sizes based on client specifications.

For pipe cutting using a pipe cutting crawler, both manual and motorized, a stainless steel band is required. A separate band is needed for each pipe size.

Feature & Advantanges :

  • Sizes starting from 6 inches and above are available.
  • The equipment is lightweight, user-friendly, and easy to store.
  • Sturdy Construction.
  • Superb finishing and durability
  • Precise and seamless incisions.
  • A cast with exacting precision to achieve robustness.
  • Simple installation on any part of the pipe.
  • A single crawler can accommodate all sizes of bands.
  • Capable of adapting to all beveling needs.