Internal Pneumatic Clamp With Copper Back Up Shoe

The Internal Pneumatic Clamp with Copper Back Up Shoe from SPM EQUIPMENT enables the swift and precise alignment of two pipe joints during welding. The front and rear heads can operate independently to secure the clamp in place. With specialized shoes on each head, pressure is evenly exerted around the inside of the pipe, maintaining proper alignment. The line-up clamp can be effortlessly adjusted for pipes with varying wall thicknesses.

Feature & Advantanges :

  • Pneumatic Internal Line-up Clamps are equipped with Copper Back up ring assemblies.
  • The Ring Assemblies in the Pneumatic Internal Line-up Clamps provide distinct front and rear clamping mechanisms.
  • The design of the copper back-up clamp ensures that each copper shoe makes full contact with the internal surface of the pipe.
  • The design reduces fit-up time and eliminates errors such as copper shoes dropping during the welding cycle.
  • The shoes are capable of being resurfaced up to three times, providing a more efficient and cost-effective operation.
  • All other accessories related to semi-automatic and automatic welding machines such as belts, copper back-up strips, nozzles, and mechanical repairs are also available.
  • Sizes ranging from 16” to 48” pipes are available, and larger sizes can be made available upon request.