Cage Type Hydraulic External Line Up Clamp

SPM EQUIPMENT is a prominent supplier and manufacturer of hydraulic cage-type pipe clamps. Our hydraulic external line-up clamps are fabricated in an optimal manufacturing environment. The bridges and rings of our clamps are constructed using high-quality steel and are specifically designed to facilitate welding of thick-walled pipes.

At SPM EQUIPMENT, we offer competitively priced hydraulic clamps with specific sizes and dimensions to meet our clients’ needs. Our fittings comply with international standards and norms. We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of hydraulic external line up clamps, serving clients in Russia, USA, UAE, Australia, and Malaysia. All our hydraulic clamps are engineered in a controlled manufacturing environment using high-quality steel for the bridges and rings, specially designed for welding thick-walled pipes.

SPM EQUIPMENT offers a range of hydraulic-operated cage-type pipe clamps suitable for jointing operations on pipes ranging from 18” to 88”. Our clamps come in various sizes and can be customized to fit your project requirements.

Hydraulic External Line Up Clamp – Feature & Advantages :

  • High levels of clamping force.
  • This clamp is only suitable for use with pipes of a specific size and cannot be used with pipes of varying sizes.
  • High efficiency (no need for adjustments).
  • The clamp offers a matching accuracy where the mismatch of the butt joint is equal to or less than 1.5mm.
  • The arched crossbar design of all hydraulic no-tack clamps enables 360-degree continuous welding without the need for clamp removal.
  • The hydraulic system operates with a manual hand pump, without the need for electricity or fuel.
  • Hydraulic External Line Up Clamp can accurately align pipes in minutes.