SPM EQUIPMENT is a leading manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of adjustable rigging rollers. These rollers are designed for installing new pipelines and are equipped with Teflon coated and urethane options for improved functionality. Additionally, handles on the sides ensure safe and easy lifting and installation of the rollers.

The polyurethane coating on the adjustable rigging roller assists in safeguarding the exterior coating of the pipe while crossing and installing it.

The roller can be adjusted in three simple steps.

  • To adjust the roller, the bolt holding the roller frame to the base frame needs to be loosened.
  • To adjust the roller, first loosen the bolt that connects the roller frame to the base frame. Then, slide the frame sideways until the arrow on the base plate aligns with the reference hole corresponding to the size of the pipe you want to adjust.
  • Secure the frame to the base by tightening the bolts. This ensures that the rollers are positioned correctly and can safely launch the required pipe diameter.

Features :

  • The adjustable rigging rollers are lightweight and simple to operate.
  • Boasting exceptional durability.
  • The process to adjust pipes of any size within the range is simple.
  • The design is kept clean and simple to prevent any interference with the welder.
  • Sizes ranging from 2” to 36” are available and customization is also possible upon request.