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SPM Equipment is a leading manufacturer, Supplier, and exporter of oil and gas pipeline equipment, We are offering a wide range of Pipe rollers and Rotators. Pipe Rollers are mainly used in Pull and Push pipes in oil and gas pipeline projects. SPM Equipment is a renowned manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of equipment used in oil and gas pipeline projects, providing a comprehensive range of Pipe Rollers and Rotators. Pipe Rollers are used to push and pull pipes in oil and gas pipeline projects, and we offer both standard and customized Pipe Rollers to cater to the specific needs and requirements of our clients. These products are manufactured using high-end technology and premium quality raw materials in compliance with international quality standards. Our Pipe Rollers are popularly used across the globe, including in countries such as Russia, USA, UAE, Australia, and Malaysia.


Heavy Duty Pipeline Roller

SPM EQUIPMENT is a top-tier manufacturer and supplier of Heavy Duty Pipe Rollers, which are designed for handling large and heavy pipes, especially when the terrain is uneven and challenging. Our Heavy Duty Pipe Rollers can be customized to suit…


Heavy Duty Pipe Roller Cone Type Pu Coated

SPM EQUIPMENT provides a range of Heavy Duty Pipe Roller Cone Type with PU Coating. These rollers are designed to handle heavy loads while ensuring the structural integrity of the pipeline during its construction and deployment. Our latest design includes…


Section Pipe Pushing Roller

SPM EQUIPMENT has launched an innovative solution to transport pipe within a tunnel – the Section Pipe Pushing Roller. This product is manufactured using high-quality raw materials and features polyurethane-coated wheels to protect the exterior of the pipe during transport.…


Beam Clamp Rigging Roller With Stand

SPM EQUIPMENT’s engineering department takes a forward-thinking approach to tackle the distinctive challenges that often occur in the pipeline industry, which leads to effective design, manufacturing, and prompt delivery of customized equipment. Our Beam Clamp Rigging Roller with stand is…


Heavy Duty Beam Clamp Rigging Roller

SPM EQUIPMENT’s engineering department takes a proactive approach to addressing the distinct challenges that often arise in the pipeline industry. This results in efficient design, fabrication, and timely delivery of customized equipment to meet specific requirements. We manufacture and supply…


Beam Clamp Pipe Roller

SPM EQUIPMENT provides an extensive selection of beam clamp rigging rollers that are available in Russia, USA, UAE, Australia, and Malaysia. These rollers are utilized in the installation of oil and gas pipelines where space is limited and crane access…

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PIPE ROLLER WITHOUT STAND We are engaging in manufacturing and supplying wide range of pipe roller with stand. This pipe roller stand is used for carrying pipe one place to other. These rollers stand suitable for continuous heavy duty applications…


Pipe Roller Cone Type PU Coated

SPM EQUIPMENT is involved in the production and distribution of a diverse selection of PU Coated Cone Type Pipe Rollers. These rollers are used in oil and gas pipeline projects to facilitate pipe pulling or pushing. Our engineers have designed…


Pipe Roller Cone Type Nylon

SPM EQUIPMENT is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Pipe Roller Cone Type Nylon, which is utilized in horizontal directional drilling for pipeline installation and replacement. Our Pipe Roller Cone Type Nylon is designed to accommodate different pipe diameters and…