Beam Clamp Rigging Roller With Stand

SPM EQUIPMENT’s engineering department takes a forward-thinking approach to tackle the distinctive challenges that often occur in the pipeline industry, which leads to effective design, manufacturing, and prompt delivery of customized equipment.

Our Beam Clamp Rigging Roller with stand is designed to push or pull pipe vertically and can be easily modified to function as a beam clamp roller for pipe rack installation or used with a base in pipeline staging and directional drilling. The rollers are coated with urethane and have sealed bearings to ensure smooth and damage-free rolling, while all components are replaceable with a quick bolt-together design. These rollers can hold pipe sizes ranging from 2” to 48” with a maximum capacity of 22000 lbs. When set up in beam clamp mode, they can be fastened to both sides of the I-beam flange, providing a safer alternative to more conventional clamping rollers.

Feature & Advantanges :

  • Each roller is equipped with two bearings to ensure smooth and resistance-free rolling.
  • The beam clamp rollers with stand are equipped with a unique double-sided clamping system that securely locks the roller onto the beam flanges up to 12 inches in size.
  • Our design features replicable wheels and housing. Simply loosen two bolts to remove the wheel and housing.
  • All of our models come with convenient carry handles for easy transport.