Victor Make Cutting Torch

Our role is crucial in producing, distributing, and exporting the top-notch Victor Make Cutting Torch. The torches are crafted under the guidance of skilled experts using cutting-edge technology. Widely sought-after, these torches are praised for their uncomplicated operation, exceptional performance, and resistance to corrosion.

Feature & Advantanges :

  • Its design allows for cutting of mild steel up to 300 mm thickness and compatibility with any fuel gas type.
  • The body, nozzle heads, and middle body are all made of forged brass.
  • This guarantees equipment that is impervious to leaks and free from blow holes or any casting porosity, ensuring complete safety and gas efficiency
  • Models with varying lengths and head angles can be provided upon request.
  • Suitable nozzles can enable the usage of these cutters with acetylene/LPG.
  • The design of the cutting torch product incorporates all innovative approaches to workforce safety and meets the demands made by industries worldwide.
  • The sturdy construction guarantees maximum strength.
  • Provides comfort during extended periods of operation.
  • Superb quality of cutting.
  • Peak performance and resistance to corrosion.