Pipe Roller Cradle

SPM EQUIPMENT is a prominent manufacturer and supplier of Pipe Roller Cradles, catering to clients across various regions such as Russia, USA, UAE, Australia, and Malaysia. Our Pipe Roller Cradles are utilized for inline travel operations and pipe laying in excavated trenches after the welding process. With our roller cradles, you can expect a smooth and hassle-free operation. We offer both nylon and polyurethane rollers, and the latter is particularly advantageous as it prevents the exterior coating of the pipe from getting damaged during line traveling operations.

SPM EQUIPMENT manufactures and supplies Pipe Roller Cradle that is used for inline travel operation to lay pipes in excavated trenches after the welding process. Our cradles have non-marring rollers with anti-friction bearings mounted on high-strength cables. These cradles are designed to hoist piping and lay it in the trench for covering operation before laying it back in the trench. They comply with all applicable standards and are built to provide smooth operation.

The pipe rolling cradle is a piece of pipeline equipment used in pipeline construction to lower the pipe after the completion of the mainline and bending procedure, employing SPM equipment.

Pipe Rolli Cradle- Feature & Advantages :

  • The standard sizes available are 6 inches and above.
  • The rollers move smoothly over weld seams without getting stuck.
  • Our design of the pipe rolling cradle allows for quick disassembly, making it easy to transport and store.
  • The unique damping characteristics of the rollers lead to exceptional dynamic load-bearing capacity.
  • To prevent corrosion, zinc plating is applied to all springs and axles.
  • In the design and material selection of our products such as wire ropes, nylon or PU rollers, frames, clamps, etc., we prioritize high safety factors.
  • By using multiple nylon or polyurethane rollers instead of metal wheels, the pressure on the pipe is uniformly distributed and the potential for damaging the pipe coating and causing deformation is eliminated.
  • We utilize durable polyurethane/nylon rollers equipped with double ball bearings in our pipe lowering cradles.