Internal Hydraulic Line-up Clamp

SPM EQUIPMENT designs and manufactures custom-built Alignment clamps that provide accurate internal alignment solutions. These durable clamps are precision-manufactured and field-proven for toughness. We are a leading manufacturer and exporter of Internal Hydraulic Line-up Clamp, serving customers in Russia, USA, UAE, Australia, Malaysia, and other countries.

SPM EQUIPMENT  manufactures a robust Internal Hydraulic Line-up Clamp that can withstand harsh conditions. This hydraulic alignment clamp is designed to leave the gap unobstructed for a full stringer bead. The clamp is machined for a specific pipe ID, and it comes with a standard 12-meter reach rod, hook, and handle.

Internal Hydraulic Line-up Clamp – Feature & Advantages :

  • The clamp is designed to fit pipe sizes ranging from 14” to 64”.
  • This equipment can be installed and operated with ease.
  • The maximum power is applied to the pipe through toggle action.
  • Each clamp is machined for a specific wall thickness.
  • Heavy-duty construction entirely made of steel.
  • Manufactured with precision for high accuracy.
  • One Clamp is designed to cover a specific diameter of the pipe.
  • The clamp is equipped with bearings on the traveling wheels to facilitate the easy movement of the clamp to the next joint..