Internal Hydraulic Clamp With Purging System

SPM EQUIPMENT is a leading manufacturer of hydraulic (internal) DSS pipe clamps with purging arrangements. We offer a range of clamp sizes suitable for various pipeline projects, starting from 14″ diameter.

SPM EQUIPMENT designs its Purge Preventing Systems based on the principle of using two silicon purging tubes to create a seal on either side of the weld, a distance away from the heat-affected zone but close enough to provide the fastest weld purge time. These systems are designed to be inserted into the bore of the pipe using a reach rod to center the system to the weld gap, and are available in different sizes to suit various pipeline projects.

SPM EQUIPMENT’s Purge Preventing Systems are designed to create a seal around the weld using two silicon purging tubes, placed just far enough from the joint to avoid heat damage but close enough to achieve fast purge times. To begin purging, the system is centered on the weld gap using a reach rod and inserted into the pipe. When gas flow is started, the silicon tubes inflate until reaching the pre-set pressure, at which point the valve releases gas gently into the weld chamber, purging the inter space without turbulence. The integral exhaust out line removes oxygen from the weld chamber, while Oxygen Monitors indicate when the required low level of oxygen has been reached, enabling oxidation-free welding. Finally, the silicon purging tubes are deflated via the valve in the panel box and the system is easily removed.

Each clamp we offer is precisely machined to fit a specific pipe internal diameter, and it comes with a standard 12-meter reach rod, hook, and handle.

Additionally, we manufacture DSS clamps with purging arrangement hydraulic (internal) in standard sizes.

We offer standard size DSS clamp with Purging Arrangement Hydraulic (Internal) in the range of 12” to 48”. For larger sizes, we can provide customized solutions based on the client’s specifications and requirements.

Features :

  • Simple installation, usage, and storage.
  • The product is available with a lightweight full stainless steel body.
  • A travelling wheel is provided for ease of pushing and pulling.
  • It is available with a reach rod, purge gas pipe, and air pipe.
  •  “Requires minimal maintenance” or “Low maintenance required”.
  • The clamp is available in sizes ranging from 12” to 48”, and larger sizes can be made available upon request.
  • DSS Pipe Clamp with Hydraulic Purging Arrangement needs to be tailored to fit each pipe diameter individually.
  • In minutes, accurately aligned.
  • Toggle action maximizes the clamping force on the pipe.
  • Each clamp is machined to fit a specific wall thickness accurately.