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We offer our clients a broad selection of Pipe Bending Equipment, including the polyurethane disc Plug Mandrel, Hydraulic Wedge Mandrel, Pipe Bending Shoe, and Pipe Bending Machine. Our Pipe Bending Equipment is used in conjunction with Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machines to bend pipes. These pieces of equipment are designed in accordance with industry standards, utilizing top-quality materials and expert guidance from our team of professionals.


Hydraulic Plug Mandrel

SPM EQUIPMENT provides an extensive selection of Hydraulic Plug Mandrels, which are necessary components for pipe bending machines. These mandrels provide internal support to the surface of the pipe and enable a greater degree of bend without causing any wrinkles.…


Hydraulic Pipe Bending Mandrel

The Hydraulic Pipe Bending Mandrel produced by SPM EQUIPMENT is capable of accommodating a variety of diameters and can be modified to suit specific wall thicknesses within the mandrel’s designated range. This mandrel is offered in a standard size range…



POLYURETHANE DISC PLUG MANDREL SPM EQUIPMENT offers a wide range of polyurethane disc plug mandrels. Polyurethane Disc Plug Mandrel is requires for Pipe Bending Machine in pipe bending. It’s give support inside surface of pipe. Permit more degree of bend…

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Pipe Bending Shoe Bare & Pu Coated

SPM EQUIPMENT is a prominent producer of Pipe Bending Shoes, both Bare and Polyurethane Coated. These shoes facilitate pipe bending machines to operate with specific pipe sizes across a broad range of diameters. The polyurethane-coated bending shoes offer added protection…

Pipe Bending Machine

Pipe Bending Machine

SPM EQUIPMENT provides a broad selection of polyurethane disc plug mandrels that are essential for pipe bending machines in pipe bending operations. These mandrels offer support inside the surface of the pipe, allowing for a greater degree of bend without…


Hydraulic Wedge Bending Mandrel

SPM EQUIPMENT offers a versatile Wedge Bending Mandrel that can accommodate a wide range of diameters and is adjustable for various wall thicknesses within the specified range. Our wedge bending mandrel is designed to fit pipe sizes ranging from 16…

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Pipe Pull Through

SPM EQUIPMENT is a leading producer of a diverse range of stalk joint clamps. These clamps are utilized to join two pipes or stalks without the need for welding. By utilizing the two parts of the stalk joining clamp, it…