Pipe Bending Machine

SPM EQUIPMENT provides a broad selection of polyurethane disc plug mandrels that are essential for pipe bending machines in pipe bending operations. These mandrels offer support inside the surface of the pipe, allowing for a greater degree of bend without causing wrinkles. Our offered polyurethane disc plug mandrel is particularly effective in minimizing pipe “out of roundness” in a standard bending system.

The hydraulic mandrel is manually moved within the pipe using a reach rod, the number of hydraulic hoses required to operate it depends on whether it is a pull-type version or a self-propelled version. The pull-type version requires two hydraulic hoses, while the self-propelled version requires four hydraulic hoses. Additionally, the hydraulic mandrel is directly connected to the bending machine’s hydraulic system.

Manufacturer and supplier of equipment for cross country pipelines in Russia, USA, UAE, Australia, Malaysia.

Cross Country Pipeline Equipments- Feature & Advantages :

  • preventing buckling and eliminating out-of-roundness, a smooth bend is achieved.
  • Hydraulic Plug Mandrels are provided for pipe diameters ranging from 8 inches to 18 inches, with a specified thickness range.
  • The expansion, contraction, and travel of the mandrel inside the pipe can be operated by a single person.
  • Cross Country Pipeline Equipment is designed for easy usage, transportation, and storage.
  • Convenient to operate, transport, and store.
  • The Polyurethane Disc Plug Mandrel utilizes a pull-type operating system.
  • A conversion kit will be provided to accommodate other pipe sizes and wall thickness ranges within the available model size.
  • Allow for greater degrees of bend without causing wrinkles.
  • Prevent buckling and eliminate out-of-roundness in the bend.
  • Capable of accommodating various wall thicknesses within a designated mandrel range.
  • Convenient to operate, transport, and store.
  • Our products offer exceptional durability.