Pipe Pull Through

SPM EQUIPMENT is a leading producer of a diverse range of stalk joint clamps. These clamps are utilized to join two pipes or stalks without the need for welding. By utilizing the two parts of the stalk joining clamp, it is possible to create a temporary connection between pipes or stalks, allowing for easier transportation of pipes on rollers.

At SPM EQUIPMENT, we provide an array of Pipe Pull-Through options that can be tailored to meet individual specifications. Our Pull-Through solutions are customizable and can be designed to address diverse levels of debris, corrosion, and scale build-up. Additionally, they are suitable for conducting meticulous inspections after each use, guaranteeing that the pipes are thoroughly cleaned. Our Pipe Pull-Through is composed of a high tensile steel central shaft, equipped with two sturdy rubber disc mounts, and towing eyes at either end. It is also adjustable to fit a range of shackles and wireline tethers.

Feature & Advantanges :

  • Sturdy construction.
  • Remarkable longevity.
  • Crafted to be lightweight and effortless to use and transport.
  • Sizes are offered beginning from 2 inches.
  • In the event that the pipeline has narrow bends, we can furnish a flexible Pull Through. Moreover, the Pull Through is obtainable in sizes ranging from 2 inches and up.