Pipe Joint Internal Clamp (Small Size)

SPM EQUIPMENT provides custom-built pipe joint internal clamps designed to ensure accurate internal alignment, with a range of solutions available. These internal clamps are manufactured with precision and proven to be tough and durable in the field. The Pipe Joint Internal Clamp (Small Size) is available in 6” and 8” sizes, making it an ideal solution for small pipelines. Optional copper or stainless steel materials are available, and the clamp comes standard with carbon steel.

Feature & Advantages :

  • The available size range for this product is from 6 inches to 20 inches.
  • The air tank provides sufficient air pressure to align incoming pipe joints.
  • The clamp size of 12” to 20” can cover two pipe sizes with the use of conversion kits.
  • Conversion kits to accommodate various pipe sizes can be provided upon request.
  • SPM adjusts the Pipe Joint Internal Clamp (Small Size) to the required setting based on the pipe wall thickness.
  • The reserve air tank ensures a sufficient lineup at the next joint.
  • Clamps with alloy steel wheels are supplied for smooth movement.
  • The Pipe Joint Internal Clamp (Small Size) is designed and constructed specifically to endure pipeline spread operations.