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Pneumatic Pipe Line Up Clamp

Drawing on years of expertise, SPM EQUIPMENT provides a comprehensive range of Pneumatic Pipe Welding Clamps that are available in Russia, USA, UAE, Australia, and Malaysia. These clamps are highly reliable and ensure rapid and precise alignment of two pipe joints during the welding process. They feature independently operated pneumatic heads that allow for the lineup of pipes with different wall thicknesses. The “Pull type – traveled” Internal Pneumatic Line-up Clamp Self is manually pulled to the next joint, whereas the Non-Self type traveled Pneumatic clamp is suitable for pipe sizes ranging from 6″ to 20″. The Pipeline Construction Equipment requires compressed air at 100-145 psi (7-10 bars), and the maximum safe working pressure is 175 psi (12 bars).

Pipe Internal Centering Clamp – Feature & Advantages:-

  • The available size range for this product is from 6 inches to 20 inches..
  • Conversion kits are available for the clamp size 12” to 20” to enable it to cover two different pipe sizes.
  • On request, we provide conversion kits for different pipe sizes.
  • SPM adjusts the Pneumatic Pipe Line Up Clamp to the required setting based on the pipe wall thickness.
  • The reserve air tank ensures proper alignment at the next joint.
  • The clamps are equipped with alloy steel wheels for smooth movement.
  • The Pipe Internal Centering Clamps have been designed and constructed to withstand the rigors of pipeline spread operations.