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Pipe Cutting Crawler With Chain Drive

SPM EQUIPMENT offers an extensive range of Pipe Cutting Machine Chain types. Our supplied pipe cutting machine chain type is excellent in cutting and beveling the pipe. Pipe cutting machine chain type is easily transferable oxy-fuel pipe cutters and bevel using a chain and gear drive system.

The drive chain incorporates interlocking links that can be easily be added and for a quick change of pipe diameter. A graduated bevel collar makes sure precise setting, while control valve for fuel, preheat oxygen, and cutting oxygen is positioned away from the heat.

Feature & Advantanges :

  • Lightweight
  • Standard chain and customize chain available on request.
  • Comes with control valves for fuel gas and a flashback arrestor.
  • Available size 6” to 24”.
  • The torch holder can be positioned at any angle.
  • Interlocking chain links allow adjustment as needed for various pipe sizes.
  • Straight cuts or bevel cuts, clockwise and anti-clockwise.
  • The low gear ratio results in a remarkably smooth movement.