Internal Pneumatic Clamp With Purge Set up

With years of experience under our belt, we offer an extensive range of Internal Pneumatic Clamp with Purge Set up. Our pneumatic clamps with purging arrangement at SPM EQUIPMENT ensure precise alignment of two pipe joints during welding operations. All of our pneumatic internal clamps with purging arrangement have undergone extensive testing in the field. They are used for welding applications on carbon steel and stainless steel pipes.

Our equipment features a specially designed shoe on each head that applies pressure evenly around the inside of the pipe to ensure proper alignment, along with a suitable purging arrangement for DSS pipe joints.

We offer motorized travelling units designed for pipe sizes ranging from 16″ to 48″.

The “Motorized Travelling” Pneumatic Clamp with Purging Arrangement is capable of moving the pipe to the next joint under its own power. It is a pneumatic clamp used for pipe welding, which requires compressed air at a pressure range of 100-145 psi (7-10 bars). The maximum safe working pressure of the clamp is 175 psi (12 bars).

Feature & Advantanges :

  • We offer pipe sizes 16 inches and above.
  • The clamp will provide ample space for the purge gas.
  • Automatic centering prevents Hi-low by ensuring even alignment.
  • Upon request, we offer a conversion kit for various pipe sizes.
  • Purge rings are made of silicon rubber due to the high temperature involved in welding.
  • The system includes an Oxygen Integral Exhaust Outline for easy analysis.
  • Suitable contact points have been provided on all clamps to prevent corrosion on DSS pipes.
  • The shoes expand and contract evenly, preventing pipe distortion and ensuring a tight, precise roundness.
  • The product includes a stainless steel reach rod.
  • This product exhibits exceptional durability.
  • The construction is robust.
  • An emergency braking system can be provided upon request.
  • Sufficient air pressure is provided by the air tank to align the incoming pipe joints.